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Is A Wedding Veil Right For You & Your Style?

10/06/2020 | Wedding Dress Trends, Wedding Fashion, Wedding Planning

From belts and capes to headbands and hair pieces there are plenty of options you can choose to style your wedding dress, but this post focuses on the most classic accessory of all – the wedding veil. No longer old and stuffy, they are now super modern and cool! If you're trying to decide to veil or not veil, this will help!

How are you going to accessorise your wedding dress?

It’s a big decision and it can be hard to know where to start because the choice is so varied! But, if you’re considering completing your wedding day look with a veil, there are a few key things you will want to consider: style, length, added details, and how to place your veil into your hair.

Here are some tips on how, when, and where to place your veil into your hair:

1. Veil Comb

Many veils are attached to a classic comb, which is excellent! This makes the process of putting your veil into place quick and easy. Combs are typically rounded, so the arc of the comb will generally follow the same shape as your head.

2. Ask Your Hairstylist

If you’re having a hairstylist do your hair during your wedding morning, make sure she/he knows you’re going to add a veil. Many stylists will prep an area where they envision your veil being put into place in advance.

3. Ask Your Girls For Some Help

Whether they stop by in advance or get the veil lowdown from your hairstylist on your wedding day, making sure your bride tribe are aware about how to put your veil into place. You won’t be able to see behind your head to offer instructions, so it’s key for someone else to be in the know, especially as we live in Cornwall and it’s so windy!

4. Wait to Place

Most veils are comfortable and lightweight, but sometimes it’s easier to add your veil moments before a first look or minutes before walking down the aisle after you’ve arrived at your ceremony location. Have an idea in mind about when you would like to put your veil on, and make sure your bridesmaids and wedding professional team are on board with your plan.

5. When to Wear

Most brides add a veil because they want to wear a traditional accessory with modern style during their ceremony and photographs. Once those are complete, feel free to take your veil off. Depending on the length, you will likely have much more fun on the dance floor without it!

Now that we’ve gone through the details, let’s get into my gorgeous veils that would look incredible with your gown. Here are just some of the veils I have at the boutique…

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