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10 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

21/05/2020 | COVID-19, Wedding Planning

If you have postponed your wedding because of COVID-19, you're going to feel a little bit blue when the date comes around. This first 'I do' date will always be meaningful so I say embrace the day! Here are 10 ways to celebrate your original wedding day. Get the Champagne and cake at the ready.

10 Ways To Celebrate Your First 'I do' Date

Love Is Not Cancelled, It's Just Postponed

1. Get Dressed Up

I don’t mean wear your wedding dress around the house 😆 but find a dress you feel good in, it could even be white, put it on and wear it all day! Ask your husband/wife to be to dress up too, they could even wear something they were planning on wearing on the big day! This is a great way to set the tone and mark the significant date.

2. Order In

Every small business needs all the help it can get right now. Is your favourite restaurant now offering take away options? Or even contact your wedding caterer and ask if they could create your original wedding menu for two! You’ll be supporting local businesses and treating yourselves!

3. Fresh Flowers

Contact your florist and ask if they can make up a small bouquet for you! Have it delivered to your home on the day your wedding was meant to be taking place. You could even dry the bouquet and keep them for your new date.

4. Pop The Champagne

It’s an obvious one but a goodie! Even if you do nothing else, toast to surviving this crazy time together and look forward to your upcoming wedding.

5. First Dance

You may have been perfecting a dance routine for months or you were simply looking forward to being in your partners arms as a married couple. Whatever your plans for your first dance, set the mood, put on ‘your song’ and enjoy the moment.

6. Exchange Letters

This is a super cute way to remember this time and remind each other why you’re enduring this stress in the first place – you can keep these forever or even read them out on your big day to remind yourselves of this very odd time!

7. A Virtual Party With Friends & Family

It’s all the rage don’t you know… download Houseparty of set up Zoom for the ultimate stay at home party. Send everyone an invite ahead of the call with a recipe of your favourite cocktail so everyone can toast to what should have been your big day. Put the tunes on and let the dancing begin…

8. Cut The Cake

If it was too late to cancel your cake, there’s only one thing to do – eat it! Or order your favourite flavour and tuck in with a glass of Champagne. Get in contact with your wedding cake maker as it’s likely they would be delighted to make you a mini-version of your cake!

9. Take Photos

There will never be another time like this (we hope) so snap away all day! Remember to capture the virtual celebrations, the cake and everything else you did on this day. Go to the local park or beach and take some photos of you all dressed up. The possibilities are endless and it will be quite the story to tell in years to come.

10. Practice The First Kiss

Enough said, have fun 🙂